Guilty by association

Guilty by association. Why it matters who you associate with in business. 

Ladies, we’ve all  been watching the news. November came and went. And In the midst of it all, Donald Trump won the election. 

Although I was sadden by the election result, there was a bigger loser. 

Ivanka Trump. Donald Trumps daughter.

You may not know this but Ivanka Trump is the owner of a very successful women’s brand named after herself. The line women’s clothing, accessories and perfume’s is sold in all major retail stores like Niemen Marcus and Nordstorm’s and major online retailers including Amazon and Zappos. 

In 2015, her brand racked in over $100 million in revenue. 

Note – her brand, like Jessica Simpson has a licensing deal with G-iii brands. Basically, her brand makes money piggy backing off of the Trump name paired with fashionable designs. (for reference, Jessica Simpson licensee deal yields $1 BILLION while Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen bring in about $50 million). For a brand less than 5 years old, the Trump name definitely help with celebrity appeal to the line in the initial stages.

In October, a boycott was started against Ivanka’s brand that spans 21 retailers. Personally, I have seen her items appear more frequently in major discount retailers like Ross and TJ Maxx. Designers mostly use discount retailers to get of old inventory or discontinued stock.

A survey done by Morning Consult after the election found that 57% of women would not  by Trump’s brand. 

While we’ve yet to see how much Donald Trump’s election win will effect Ivanka’s brand one things for sure. Who you associate with matters, especially in business. 

Women Business Leaders – can you separate business from politics? Would you purchase and Ivanka Trump item?

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